Good company, 2021

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12.0" x 8.0" in (31 x 21 cm)

Type: Work on paper

Classification: Unique

Support: Stock certificate

Mediums: Acrylic

This artworks is an original and unique painting executed on a genuine vintage American stock certificate.


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Jessica Renault

About Jessica Renault

Jessica Renault, artistically known as JR Brush, is a French artist who has mastered the airbrush to create hyperrealistic paintings that enchant and captivate.

Born in 1989, Jessica's artistic journey began at the tender age of eight, where she found solace and excitement in the stroke of her pencil, sketching away in her bedroom with fervent imagination.

Her artistic calling truly took shape at fifteen, when the allure of airbrushing captured her heart at a custom motorcycle festival. This revelation was followed by the cherished gift of her first airbrush from her father, setting her on a path to discovery and mastery.

Over the years, Jessica has honed her skills, emerging as a self-taught prodigy in trompe l’oeil — the art of illusion. Her recent works delve into the realms of nature and urban scenes, aquatic beauty, and floral still lifes, all imbued with an innocent and playful spirit that belies the complexity of their creation.

In pieces like "Sunset Paradise" Jessica employs her airbrush to layer paint with such precision that it mimics the appearance of paper cutouts and drawings typically found in a child's craft project. Her adept use of vibrant colors and manipulation of light and shadow imbues her work with a palpable sense of texture and depth, inviting the viewer to reach out and touch the crinkled paper that isn't there.

Her participation in the renowned airbrushing and custom culture festival in Thionville has marked her as a significant presence in the art community, while her works can be admired in the "la bohème de Montmartre" galleries, among other prestigious venues.

Outside her artistic life, Jessica is a joyful mother to a two-year-old son who serves as a daily inspiration, a lover of motorcycles, and a professional drugstore consultant. Her simplicity, benevolence, and humility are the cornerstones of her persona, making her not only an artist to watch but also a delightful presence to encounter.

Jessica Renault's craft is a testament to her growth as an artist — a journey from pencil sketches to the complex layers of trompe l’oeil airbrushing, creating illusions that enchant the eye and capture the heart.